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Franzia’s Naughty Fraud-y Secret

In the late 1980s White Zinfandel (a happy accident, & more on that later) exploded on the U.S. wine scene. Its sudden uptick in popularity left a drastic draught in supply, and this draught lead to a profitable opportunity for illicit wine-works.

Each variety of wine comes from a very specific variety of grape. When suddenly a deficiency of Zinfandel grapes cropped up, several dark entrepreneurs figured that it would prove much quicker to lie to the American public than it would to plant & develop entire vineyards of new Zinfandel grapes. So inferior types of grapes were sold to wineries as Zinfandel grapes.

Together with 5 other vintners, Fred Franzia helped to defraud the California wine market of $26 million. This CEO of Franzia managed to escape prison time by pointing out that the small town in which he headquartered would be devastated were he & the jobs his business offered to disappear.

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Captain Henry Morgan Didn’t Drink Rum

In the 1600s the namesake of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum sailed all over the Caribbean pirating & plundering Spanish settlements. Given a mandate from the British crown Captain Henry Morgan was technically a privateer—although he made a living doing very piratey things.

Since the Spanish wine industry convinced the crown to outlaw exports of liquor from its colonies, Spanish settlements in Central & South America never got around to making rum like the British Colonies did. So Captain Morgan & anyone raiding Spanish settlements predominantly consumed what they had on hand: Madeira, Wine, & Brandy.

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Australia’s Wine-Dispensing Truck

The prevalence of food trucks are on the rise. In many cities mobile eateries are now serving much more than tacos, as everything from donuts to wood-fired pizza has become available.

An entrepreneur in Queensland, Australia has pushed the mobile-refreshment envelope by turning a 1958 VW bus into a wine truck. It boasts 46 wines on tap serve to brag about the wide variety in Australia’s wine industry.

BFD_02.27.19_Eqp.Wine Truck