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A $4 Million Whiskey Collection is For Sale!

There are six bottles of whiskey sitting on my bar right now. I would not call it a collection, merely several different types that I have not yet finished.

However, one anonymous seller has put up their whiskey collection for auction, and it is valued at $4 million. Macallan scotch comprises a mere $2.7 million of this collection, with some bottles dating back to 1921.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, then the online auction begins on September 27, 2019.

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Illegal Highland Whiskey in Virginia?

If you make whiskey in America, it is illegal to print the word Highland on the bottle.

Just like France protects the word Champagne from applying to any bubbling wine made outside of the Champagne region, Scotland fiercely defends Scotch Whisky from foreign impersonators.

The Scotch Whisky Association is currently suing the Virginia Distillery Company for its use of Highland on one of its bottles. While the Virginia-based booze-maker transparently points out on its label that it is a blend of Virginia & Scotch whiskies, it is still in violation of U.S. federal regulations.

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Barbados has a Distillery Older than Every Whiskey Distillery in the World

The world’s oldest continuously running Rum distillery is in Barbados (Mount Gay) and I did a bit of a double-take when I uncovered today’s Booze Fact of the Day.

As you know, we have touched on the oldest Irish whiskey distillery, the oldest Scotch distillery, as well as the oldest American whiskey distillery.

Apparently, the Mount Gay distillery (founded in 1703) is 54 years older than Kilbeggan, 72 years older than Glenturret, and 80 years older than Evan Williams!

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Kilbeggan is 23 Years Older Than Jameson

After John Jameson founded Bow Street Distillery in 1780 a descendant of his would run the company that makes Jameson Irish Whisky until 1988, when Pernod bought it.

While Jameson Irish Whiskey has been around quite a long time, the longest still-running Irish whisky distillery is Kilbeggan–which, at 23 years older than Jameson, was founded in 1757.

BFD_03.17.19_His.Irish Wiskey.Jameson

Top Shelf

When you fancy a nip of whiskey, what is the uppermost that you are willing to pay? An anonymous buyer recently purchased a 60 year-aged Macallan scotch whisky. The catch is that this whiskey is one of 24 bottles in existence, and one of 12 that are wrapped in a label that is designed and signed by artist Valerio Adami.

Granted, the price tag ended up more about the artwork than the whiskey, nevertheless this bottle of booze set a record. In October of 2018 the most expensive bottle of whiskey in history was sold for $1.1 million.

BFD_11.26.18_Fac.Whiskey.Most Expensive

Whence is Whiskey?

Whiskey has been around for a long time, and throughout its history people have argued over everything from its nation of origin to how its even spelled (Europeans take a frisky approach and drop the ‘e’ to write it: “whisky“).

Evidently, there seems to be evidence that what we could today recognize as whiskey originated in Ireland. However, the first mention of whiskey in print comes from Scotland in 1494.