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Billions in Booze Busine$$

Unless no drinking whatsoever goes on in your country, the chances are pretty good that the Booze Industry contributes a great deal of money to your economy. I count myself among the brewers, bartenders, servers, beer distributors, truck drivers, hop farmers, scientists, sales professionals, and marketing specialists who benefit from the $328 billion injected into the U.S. economy courtesy of the Beer Industry in 2017.

While Big Beer lead the way in economic booze-contribution, the Wine Industry weighed in at $220 billion; and the Liquor Industry played the part of $178 billion.

If you have been considering a change in career-scenery, I find this industry proves quite rewarding!

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Guard Yourself Against Counterfeit Wine

In restaurants and wine bars after someone orders a whole bottle of wine a fair amount of pomp and circumstance follows. If by first hand or from a nearby table you have ever been privy to this show, when well done it makes for quite a tantalizing prelude to enjoying a wine.

For the second step of the process the waiter opens the bottle, removes the cork from their wine key, and presents it to whomever ordered said bottle. This actually allows the guest to confirm that the labelling on the cork matches the label on the bottle—which should all line up with the taste of the wine.

Be it a gaggle of dastardly servers thirsty for high end wine on the cheap, or a high end criminal meticulously crafting a false label, there are multiple ways of counterfeiting wine.

For the easiest method one simply opens a bottle of nice wine, drinks it, then refills it with swill & jams the cork back into the bottle. More impressively, dark artists will remove the label of a cheap wine before fastidiously duplicating and applying the label of an expensive wine.

To the astute and experienced wine consumer inspecting the printing on the cork along with sampling the wine guards against paying for counterfeit wine.

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