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Billions in Booze Busine$$

Unless no drinking whatsoever goes on in your country, the chances are pretty good that the Booze Industry contributes a great deal of money to your economy. I count myself among the brewers, bartenders, servers, beer distributors, truck drivers, hop farmers, scientists, sales professionals, and marketing specialists who benefit from the $328 billion injected into the U.S. economy courtesy of the Beer Industry in 2017.

While Big Beer lead the way in economic booze-contribution, the Wine Industry weighed in at $220 billion; and the Liquor Industry played the part of $178 billion.

If you have been considering a change in career-scenery, I find this industry proves quite rewarding!

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Synthetic Alcohol is on the Horizon, and it Promises to Do Away with Hangovers

Scientists in London claim to have developed a synthetic alcohol that will get you tipsy, without resulting in a hangover the next day.

David Nutt says that he and members of his team have already tested the substance on themselves, and now some pesky safety trials are all that stand between you and a night out without worrying about the hangover.

While thoroughly intrigued, this bartender remains skeptical that such a chemical will remain devoid of longterm side effects. In the mean time, if you want to avoid a hangover just drink 1 glass of water after every 1 alcoholic drink you consume.

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