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Green Oranges Taste Orange

Oranges play a funny trick when they grow up in warm climates.

Many fruits start out green, but Oranges will ripen without turning orange in warm climates. They need a little cold crisp air at night to change color.

This is why oranges in Florida & Texas are usually used for juicing, whereas California oranges—which get a natural chill at night—are sold whole in stores.

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Florida Makes Green Oranges

Florida boasts a booming orange juice industry, and they have Christopher Columbus to thank for it. Oranges originated in ancient China when a hybrid tree was born from grapefruit and mandarins.

Columbus introduced sweet oranges to the Carribean on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Orange trees readily took to the Carribean climate, except their farmers were baffled when the fruit ripened, but the skin of the oranges actually stayed green!

What they did not know at the time is that in climates with cooler nighttime temperatures oranges turn orange. In climates with lots of heat day & night (like the subtropical Carribean) the fruit will ripen and taste sweet, but the color of the rind will remain green!

This is why you see orange juice from Florida, whereas most of the whole oranges we find in supermarkets come from California. The off-color fruit from Florida readily turns into tasty orange juice without weirding anyone out.

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Beer Lasts Longer than Fruit

Uganda and Rwanda have a lot of banana farmers. Many of these farmers are able to sell their fruit at markets in the cities. However, bananas are prone to ripening & then spoiling rather quickly.

So for some remote farmers in Uganda & Rwanda it makes better fiscal sense to turn their bananas into beer, rather than sell the fruit at market. This way they have a product that stays good long enough to get it in the hands of consumers.

BFD_02.19.19_Fac.Uganda.Banana Beer