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Plum Wine Lies To You

Unlike other fruit wines—which are made from the fruit in their name—Plum Wine is not made from Plums. In fact, it is not even wine!

“Plum Wine” is made from infusing Plums into a vodka-like liquor called Shochu. Originating in Persia, Shochu is liquor distilled from fermented rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, brown sugar, and sometimes even more obscure ingredients.

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Sparkling Cannabis Wine is Now a Thing

Located in California’s esteemed Napa Valley, Saka Wines has developed the world’s first Sparkling Cannabis Rosé. The wine itself is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier.

In accordance with California Law (where recreational Marijuana is perfectly legal) cannabis-infused wines must have the alcohol removed. However, since weed-beverage drink sales in the U.S. are forecasted to eclipse $1 billion by 2023 I am guessing that Saka’s non-alcoholic-pot-infused Sparkling Rosé will not disappoint those who now wish to drink the Devil’s Lettuce.

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It Takes 7 Years to Make Kahlúa

Have you ever jazzed up your coffee with a little Kahlúa? If not, the coffee-infused rum liqueur compliments a cup of joe quite nicely!

Unlike many spirit manufacturers, the makers of Kahlúa are quite revealing about their process. First, they age a whole bunch of rum for 7 years! Next, they add Coffee-extract, Vanilla, and Caramel.

No joke, that sounds perfect right now, so I’m actually off for a Kahlúa & coffee, too!

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Budweiser Is Targeting Millennials With Meat

Budweiser and Coleman Natural Foods do not believe that Millennials are buying enough of their wares. So naturally they are going to marry their products and offer beer-infused pork!

Honestly, beer really does work well when cooked with meats of all sorts, so this could be interesting the next time you are shopping the ‘processed meat case’, as they put it.

Coleman Natural Foods is providing 100% crate-free pork raised on a diet with no animal bi-products, and free of antibiotics and added hormones.

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Before Barrels

Aging whiskey in barrels makes it much more smooth, and imparts a wide array of flavors. These flavors that come from the influence of the barrel can include: vanilla, toffee, wine, spices, floral, tea, and many more.

However, humans have been making whiskey long before we have been sticking in barrels for 4 years at a time. Before barrel-aging, whiskey was enjoyed un-aged as moonshine, but mixed with herbs and honey to make it more palatable.


I Still Need a Still…

img_6564Yesterday I saw this little gem in the 50% off cart at the bookstore. The opening chapter makes it seem like distilling one’s own spirits is a breeze!

While I most certainly am looking forward to creating liquor from scratch, that day lies waiting somewhere in the future. Coming up early next week, however, is a overview on the result of my first attempt at making 11 different varieties of Cocktail Blueberries!

The closing chapter of this book has a wide array of cocktail recipes that I believe would translate quite nicely into drinks made with whiskey, rum, and vodka infusions for anyone looking to jazz up their next holiday party!

Fancy Sugar Cubes

• 1/4 Cup- Sugar
• 1/2 tsp- Water

  1. Mix sugar and water until it reaches an even consistency.
  2. Press mixture into molds (I picked up these 1/2 cube trays in the candle-making section at the craft store) and let sit at room temperature overnight.

Now for a tasty twist on this classic try using fruit juice or muddling fresh fruit and/or herbs into the sugar for flavored sugar cubes.

Here I muddled fresh Mint Leaves into Pomegranate Juice. Stay tuned for a Pomegranate-Mint Rum Old Fashioned!