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Illinois: A 277% Upgrade

To this day I remember the awe in which I found myself when I moved to Illinois 10 years ago. “People here drink so much,” I thought to myself, “I love it!”

I confirmed my observations when I discovered a fun bars per capita statistic. When you compare the number of bars to the number of people in a given state you can draw some conclusions about how much public drinking people do there.

According to this chart I moved from 36th to 13th, and I believe this helps explain why I remained in Illinois, even though I finished school 6 years ago.

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Dogs, Movies, & Wine—Oh My!

Do you like movies? Do you have a dog that you also like? Well then have you ever considered moving to Plano, Texas?

Me neither, but they do have a movie theater that for $15 not only allows you to bring up to two dogs, but will furnish you with 1 movie and either 4 whiskeys, or bottomless wine!

Don’t be surprised if this dog-friendly theme crops up again. Recently, the girlfriend and I were asked to leave the patio of a neighborhood bar because we had a beagle lying quietly at our feet. In line with yesterday’s dog-friendly brewery BFD I like this trend of supporting canine inclusion into our public life.

Here’s a picture of our menacing dog, Biscuit.


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Drink with Your Dog™ at Colorado Breweries

Beer and dogs each have a knack for lifting our spirits. So what could be better than the double-knack approach of enjoying a few beers in the company of friends and our pups?

Instead of merely training your dog to sit, lay down, & stay Colorado-based Summit Dog Training takes a 3-pronged approach to create an atmosphere that is helpful for brewery staff, safe & comfortable for your pooch, and informative for other dog trainers.

Firstly, they offer training not merely for dogs, but for waitstaff at dog-friendly breweries. In this phase they teach staff members the principles of dog behavior, dog safety, and how to avoid making dogs feel overwhelmed in a potentially hyper-stimulating environment.

Next comes the owner-dog training where dogs learn habits for behaving in public, and people learn to take control of their pups there.

Finally, they offer training for other dog trainers who are interested in spreading the Drink with Your Dog™ movement. Hopefully some in Illinois take up the call!

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