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Rice-Booze is 8,000 Years Old!

Between 8,000 – 9,000 years ago humans domesticated Rice. While that is no where near as sexy as domesticating wild horses in a western movie, it did pave the way for rice-based booze, which began 8,000 years ago, too!

The uncanny ability of the Rice plant to thrive in both flooded and dry fields gave it a leg up on crops into which early humans would want sink their efforts. While over 110,000 varieties of rice exist, only ‘Oryza sativa var. japonica’ is used for making alcohols like sake and rice wine.

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Dangerous Date Palm Wine

Wine can be made from the sap of the Date Palm Tree. However, humans are not the only fans of the sap of Date Palms.

Just like they feed on the agave nectar of the south west, fruit bats like to feed on the sap of Date Palm Trees. The only problem with this is that it can transmit a virus called Nipah to humans.

It has happened, but truly this is not a concern with any statistical merit. Should you encounter Date Palm Wine, then by all accounts you should jump at the opportunity to sample 1…or 5!

BFD_02.24.19_Sci.Nipah Virus.Date Palm

Salt Water Saves!

Ergot is a fungus that likes to eat grains of Rye. It also contains a chemical similar enough to LSD to cause hallucinations in humans. This chemical is strong enough to survive brewing, baking, and distillation.

Rye whiskey makers today soak the grain in salt water to avoid causing the same hallucinations that contributed to the Salem Witch Trials.