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Plum Wine Lies To You

Unlike other fruit wines—which are made from the fruit in their name—Plum Wine is not made from Plums. In fact, it is not even wine!

“Plum Wine” is made from infusing Plums into a vodka-like liquor called Shochu. Originating in Persia, Shochu is liquor distilled from fermented rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, brown sugar, and sometimes even more obscure ingredients.

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Weird Whiskey Laws

In every country where whiskey is made there are a ton of very specific rules to go along with how to make, market, and present it. While Canada is no exception, their regulations allow for some flexibility that may approach irreverence for connoisseurs of American and Scottish whisk(e)ys.

Canadian law allows blending fruit wine into whiskey, as long as it does not exceed 10% of the volume of the finished product—Crown Royal & Canadian Club do this.

Furthermore, Canadian law allows flavoring agents to comprise up to 9.09% by volume of a whiskey. However, additives must mature in oak casks before blending with the whiskey.