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Plants Can Do More Than Make Booze

Sometimes we get so caught up in one specific function of a plant that we forget what else it does. If you like adding Sugar and/or Rum to your coffee, then the sugar cane is a miracle plant!

However, if you refrain from turning the sugar cane into booze, then it comes to produce a soft purplish-white & arrowhead-shaped flower.

Artichokes do the same thing but in a much more flamboyant way. Here is what the artichoke looks like when it flowers.


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Chamomile’s Medicinal Properties

Have you ever reached for some Chamomile Tea to beat back a cold? Made from small daisy-looking flowers, Chamomile really does act as a sedative, anti-inflammatory, & antiseptic.

Chamomile is also an ingredient in most Gins. So next time you feel under the weather, how about a Gin Hot Toddy?


Stuffy Malarkey Method

When I first heard of the proper way to taste whiskey I rolled my eyes thinking it a bunch of overly stuffy malarkey. As soon as I tried the stuffy-malarkey-method however, it became immediately clear how following these steps cuts down on the rough alcoholic bite, while also enabling more subtle flavors to come through.

First off, the goal is to avoid mixing alcohol with air once its in your mouth. To do this tilt the glass to your lips and instead of opening wide like swallowing ibuprofen on a hangover make sure to draw the booze in as if drinking from a straw.

Following these steps will make any straight spirit go down noticeably more smoothly, as well as unlock an array of different flavors. Tasting experts have divided hundreds of subtle whiskey flavors into 10 categories: flowers, fruits, malt, vanilla, smoke, wood, honey, nuts, spices, & medicinal.



Agave is a genus of 208 species of somewhat cactus-looking succulent plants native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. However, as we recently covered here they are much more closely related to asparagus, than cacti.

Blue agave (Agave tequilana ‘Weber Blue’) is the only plant used to produce Tequila, whereas Mezcal may be distilled from many other types of Agave sp.

The vast majority of plants in this genre bloom only once in their lifetimes, and it will take between 10-30 years for the plant to reach a mature state where this happens. Once an agave finally does bloom, its 20 foot-tall stalk of flowers are pollinated by nectar-loving bats!