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Adios Long Island. Hola Applebees!

Applebees has taken an old staple for heavy drinking and released a PG-21 version.

Traditionally, the Adios Motherfucker starts out life as a Long Island Iced Tea, but instead of adding Sweet & Sour Mix along with Coca-Cola, you throw in 1 shot of Blue Curaçao, instead. This means the drink is utterly lacks any non-alcoholic component, save the ice.

Applebees now offers a watered down version of this recklessly strong classic. It still boasts a blend of vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, and blue curaçao—but they lighten the pours so that Sweet & Sour plus Sierra Mist also fit in the glass.

I promise you that this drink will be an underweight sugar-bomb, but through the month of September they cost only $1. In a cute little homage to this drink’s roots—as well as to the passing of Summer—they simply call it, Adios.

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Where Coca-Cola Gets Its Name

The first half of the name is easy, but have you ever wondered about where the second word comes from in Coca-Cola?

Related to the tree that gives us Chocolate, the Kola Tree produces large tan & pink nuts. Despite the best legal efforts of Coca-Cola, the court system has ruled that any beverage made using Kola Nuts is classified as a Cola.

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I bet you know that America’s nation-wide Prohibition banned the sale and transportation of alcohol from 1920-1933. But, did you know that small parts of the country opted to go dry many decades before that?

In once such locale: Atlanta, Georgia voted to go dry in 1885. Before this happened Red Wine mixed with Cocaine had been a popular drink both in America and Europe.

Coke-a-Cola began in 1886. It’s inventor mixed Cola-syrup with Cocaine after a local Prohibition ordinance in Atlanta, Georgia banned alcohol.