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James Bond Got This Wrong

In You Only Live Twice—which takes place largely in Japan—James Bond (Sean Connery) tells Tiger Tanaka that he enjoys Sake, “Served at the correct temperature, 98.4°F.”

Though it is commonly held that Sake ought to be served warm, this is misleading. The tradition of serving the drink warm only started to mask the flavors of sub-par brews.

In particular, Sakes fortified with cheap liquor are of the sort to be served warm. Junmai or ‘pure rice’ sake is made without any distilled alcohol added, and ought to be chilled when served.

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America’s Original Colonies LOVED Rum

The very first of our european predecessors brought with them the means to make booze in the New World, but carving out an existence here took nearly all of the grain and goods they were able to stockpile.

This is how Rum became king amongst New England spirits. While colonists lacked much grain, lumber, and goods to trade after meeting their own needs, the molasses needed to make rum was so cheap that Carribean plantations formerly discarded it into the sea.

Massive quantities of molasses could be imported and turned into very cheap rum—and all on a very quick time table. By 1717 Boston’s distilleries were collectively cranking out 200,000 gallons (757 kL) of rum annually.

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Guard Yourself Against Counterfeit Wine

In restaurants and wine bars after someone orders a whole bottle of wine a fair amount of pomp and circumstance follows. If by first hand or from a nearby table you have ever been privy to this show, when well done it makes for quite a tantalizing prelude to enjoying a wine.

For the second step of the process the waiter opens the bottle, removes the cork from their wine key, and presents it to whomever ordered said bottle. This actually allows the guest to confirm that the labelling on the cork matches the label on the bottle—which should all line up with the taste of the wine.

Be it a gaggle of dastardly servers thirsty for high end wine on the cheap, or a high end criminal meticulously crafting a false label, there are multiple ways of counterfeiting wine.

For the easiest method one simply opens a bottle of nice wine, drinks it, then refills it with swill & jams the cork back into the bottle. More impressively, dark artists will remove the label of a cheap wine before fastidiously duplicating and applying the label of an expensive wine.

To the astute and experienced wine consumer inspecting the printing on the cork along with sampling the wine guards against paying for counterfeit wine.

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Lao-Lao is the World’s Cheapest Liquor

American craft beer brewers look down their noses at beers that brew with Rice (like Bud Light). However in many parts of the world rice serves as a perfectly legitimate ingredient for making booze.

The cheapest liquor in the world is Lao-Lao: a rice-whiskey made in Laos. A 0.7 L bottle costs $0.74.

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