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Sake Step 1: Prepare the Rice!

Sake is a very complex alcohol that is made using a unique blend of wine-making and beer-brewing techniques.

In the Sake-making process, the first step is to prepare the rice for fermentation.

To this end, rice is passed over a rough stone to slowly ware down the hulls. The longer rice is pollished like this the better quality the Sake will be.

Polishing the rice like this process can take up to 4 days, and the finest quality of grains for making sake end up 50% of their original size.

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Tobacco Liqueur Has No Nicotine

As we have touched on here before the distillation process extracts the alcohol from a liquid, and leaves behind a bunch of stuff. Debris and molecules like yeast, hops, water, capsaicin (the spicy part of hot peppers) are unable to tag along and become booze, too.

Nicotine is another chemical that gets left behind in a still. Perique is a tobacco liqueur that takes advantage of this, and has no traces of Nicotine. An especially rare strain of tobacco—Louisiana Perique—lends a distinct blend of woody, cognac, and scotch flavors.