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Dangerous Date Palm Wine

Wine can be made from the sap of the Date Palm Tree. However, humans are not the only fans of the sap of Date Palms.

Just like they feed on the agave nectar of the south west, fruit bats like to feed on the sap of Date Palm Trees. The only problem with this is that it can transmit a virus called Nipah to humans.

It has happened, but truly this is not a concern with any statistical merit. Should you encounter Date Palm Wine, then by all accounts you should jump at the opportunity to sample 1…or 5!

BFD_02.24.19_Sci.Nipah Virus.Date Palm


Agave is a genus of 208 species of somewhat cactus-looking succulent plants native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. However, as we recently covered here they are much more closely related to asparagus, than cacti.

Blue agave (Agave tequilana ‘Weber Blue’) is the only plant used to produce Tequila, whereas Mezcal may be distilled from many other types of Agave sp.

The vast majority of plants in this genre bloom only once in their lifetimes, and it will take between 10-30 years for the plant to reach a mature state where this happens. Once an agave finally does bloom, its 20 foot-tall stalk of flowers are pollinated by nectar-loving bats!