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Maraschino Cherries Aren’t Italian

Maraschino Cherries originated in Croatia, where Marasca Cherries grow readily. Much like the apples planted by Johnny Appleseed in the American frontier, these cherries are sour and not fit for eating, but readily turn into delicious liquor!

In the 1800s people started throwing leftover sour cherries into the cherry liquor they had made. The result is a delicious cocktail garnish, and Luxardo makes some of the finest examples in the world.

After destruction of their family factory in World Wars I and II the Luxardo family uprooted and moved to Italy. This is why people familiar with Luxardo Cherries look at me funny when I tell them that they are a Croatian product.

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An Apple Brandy Older than America

Early in American history what would become New Jersey became an epicenter for making hard cider, ‘Yankee Antifreeze‘, and Apple Brandy.

In 1780 Laird’s became America’s first commercial distillery. It has been operating for 239 years, with Applejack among its oldest products.