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I Should Be Preparing Tomorrow’s Post

By no stretch of the imagination am I yet a Jedi master of blogging, but the one thing that I have noticed through tracking my views, visitors, & likes is that posting consistently at the same time each day definitely keeps those statistics higher.

In that vein I should be preparing tomorrow’s Booze Fact of the Day, and I’m not.

This past weekend started on Thursday for anyone in the restaurant industry in my town. Since 5:00 pm Thursday evening (right now it is Tuesday night) I have logged 59.96 hours at work, and my watch tells me that in that time I have covered 44.91 miles (72.28 km).

So I should be working towards getting tomorrow’s BFD scheduled, but I don’t think I have the energy to do anything besides pouring one more whiskey & ginger ale.

I am proud of the effort that I gave at my 2 jobs, and thrilled with the money that I brought into my home, so I’m going to let myself off easy for missing tomorrow’s 8:24 am post, and spend tomorrow’s glorious day off working from bed on preparing a battery of future posts!

I Feel Like a Failure

Very early into the first shift of today’s double I carelessly cut myself while prepping elaborate garnishes for the evening shift. You see, while mayhem may land upon us on any given lunch, the shifts at the restaurant at which I work tend to start quietly. This allows the fastidious among us to prepare for busy & lucrative dinner shifts.

I have lost track of the number of times at work in which I have nicked myself with a blade or instrument, and began to bleed. When I’m lucky the red tide amounts to a dribble and is stemmed before a beat is missed on the floor. When I’m UN-lucky another server/bartender will have to lookout for refills on my tables’ iced teas and waters.

Well today I managed to out do myself. The potato peeler grew tired of daintily removing fresh & effervescent orange peels, and instead it seized upon the opportunity to cliff-dive into my left index finger. Eventually the downward momentum of the blade was stopped by the increasingly deep flesh of said finger.

Currently as I write this piece I have self-administered first aid, had my tables covered, gone home, then finally stopped the bleeding, sealed the ruptured finger in super glue (it’s much much cheaper than stitches) and then shown back up to execute the second shift of my day.

Also currently, I feel like a failure. Because through my own careless action: I increased the load upon all my teammates for the lunch shift; I failed to contribute to setting up the evening shift for success through having spare garnishes and other supplies; I denied assistance to my teammates, as I worked at an impaired pace; and lastly, I forfeited a moderate sum of money during a 6-week downturn that would have gone to paying bills and feeding & drinking my girlfriend and I.

So tonight, I feel like a failure. Tomorrow I will find ways to contribute to a positive work environment for my teammates, and build us all up. And tomorrow I will have stopped mentally kicking my own ass for letting down myself and those close to me. Tomorrow I will have a sore finger, and a kick-ass day. In the meantime, bourbon will take the helm.

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Now let’s go learn something!


Where’s this Going?

I am proud of the nearly 4 month streak through which I have posted a Booze Fact of the Day (BFD) every single day. Each morning I post a fresh BFD both on this blog as well as on a Snapchat account. On my WordPress page each BFD affords extra information on the day’s topic.

Recently, I have noticed an uptick of people reaching out through Snapchat, and messaging me directly regarding the day’s post, or some other ongoing. This has changed my thinking about what I am doing, and where to go next.

What started as a project for my personal gratification has become a thing that some people have worked into their daily routine! So I started logging which Snapchatters view my BFDs (out of 122 total people 10 have tuned in for every. single. BFD so far in 2019).

My next step has been to graphically develop a series of badges that can be directly messaged to viewers for different achievements (first view, 10th, 25th, etc…) in order to see if this is a thing that with a little encouragement can reach out to more than those who stumble upon my WordPress page, plus 122 people on Snapchat.

I do not know exactly where things are going here, but it seems that an opportunity has presented, and I am excited to explore it.

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Now let’s go learn something!