Johnny Applejack

The common story taught to school children about Johnny Appleseed paints him as a happy-go-lucky bumbling nomad traversing the young American countryside planting apple trees and conversing with woodland creatures.

In actuality, John Chapman apprenticed as a nurseryman (learning how to grow and tend to trees) before becoming a land-barron. Speculating westward from Pennsylvania he would lay claim to swaths of land by planting 50 trees—which met a legal condition for coming to own frontier-land. Once the land became more valuable he would sell it off for a profit.

On top of all that, the apples that he planted were tart and not fit for eating. However, they could be made into hard cider quite easily! In the years before the Transcontinental Railroad could quickly and cheaply deliver goods into the heart of America hard apple cider was the only source of sweetness many settlers were able to come by.

BFD_10.09.18_Lor.Johnny Appleseed

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