Old Fashioneds: What’s Right & What’s Wrong?

Old Fashioned_Rege_James Oliver_433x325

Medley Drink Designs official Old Fashioned recipe:

  1. Add 1 tsp. of sugar into an empty bucket glass.
  2. Pour just enough Bitters to saturate the sugar + 1 more drop. If you tilt the glass back and forth at this point there should be 1 drop flowing freely around the bottom of the glass.
  3. Add a splash of water and muddle 1 Maraschino Cherry, then squeeze by hand 4 drops from an orange slice then drop said orange slice into the glass (if you LOVE pulp go ahead and muddle the orange slice with the cherry).
  4. Pour 3.0 ounces of RYE WHISKEY! Old Fashioneds are standardly “doubles” so they call for twice the 1.5 oz standard pour.
  5. Add Ice, then toss back and forth once, and enjoy!

Google “Old Fashioned Recipe” and you will find almost as many different instructions as there are people who drink them. In case you have ever wondered what the TRUE recipe for this timeless cocktail is: the answer is that there really is very little consensus, and any attempts to discuss the topic ends in heated arguments and un-friending.

So after many years of delicious research I have concluded that the above recipe is the best way to make an Old Fashioned. Please share any stories of heated arguments and unfriending to which this recipe leads!

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